History in brief

Isojoen Konehalli Oy - History in brief

Historia 1956 - Antti and Raili Alakortes start disassembling, repairing and selling tractors in Isojoki under the business name “T:mi Alakortteen huoltokorjaamo”. The business starts at their farm in a 50 m² garage. First the sales are focused on the neighboring areas but soon expanded countrywide since there are only few actors within the industry.


1962 - Antti and Raili open a Shell gas station in the centre of Isojoki. A modern garage is built next to the gas station, and thus the operations expand substantially.

1968 - Isojoen Konehalli Oy is founded. Its operations move to a new 600 m² industrial building in the village of Kortteenkylä, in proximity of the farm. This is the year when Isojoen Konehalli Oy’s story officially begins. Used tractors are being repaired, approximately 50 tractors are disassembled per year and agricultural machinery is sold.

1973 - Now it is the golden age of farming and import of new tractor spare parts is initiated when Ilkka Alakortes, son of Raili and Antti, takes over the business. Ilkka Alakortes is nowadays acting as the Chairman of the Board.
1979 - Engineering workshop starts its operation. Tractor and combine harvester cabins are manufactured even for export. Approximately 300 tractors are disassembled annually.
1981 - After the expansion, the company premises in Isojoki consists of four buildings covering 2600 m². In the centre of Kauhajoki a commercial building “Alakortes” is built and a subsidiary company Suupohjan Traktori is founded by Ilkka. This company starts regional sales of Ford tractors and additionally new tractor spare parts and accessories are sold in 900 m² store. Historia_keskustie.jpg
1988 - All business operations move to Kauhajoki to new 5,000 m² premises. Isojoen Konehalli Oy and Suupohjan Traktori are now under one roof and later they merge.

1989 - Engine grinding services are launched.

1991 - Spare part dealers create a network and Long Life dealer network is founded.

1995 - Dealers interested in selling tools assemble and as a result Työkaluässä dealer network, as well as other sales networks for different product sectors, is founded.

1998 - During ten years the size of the premises is doubled thanks to four expansions. Business operations expand and company growth is fast.

2000s - Dealer network expands and covers the entire Finland. Large IKH stores are located in Jyväskylä, Oulu and Vantaa. Export is growing to for example Baltic and Nordic countries. Several warehouse expansions are made, trade-in machinery unit moves to new premises and IKH Machine rental service is launched.

2010s - At the beginning of the decade in 2010, the dealer networks were unified into IKH Työkalut ja Varaosat sales networks (IKH Tools and Spare Parts). There are currently more than 130 independent IKH dealers in Finland.

In the 2010s, IKH’s own stores were opened in Konala in Helsinki, Espoo, Kuopio, Lappeenranta and Pori. In 2014, the IKH.fi online store was opened and a year later the IKH.se online store was opened to serve Swedish customers.

2021s - Following Grafton Group plc’s acquisition of IKH in June 2021, the company's ownership was transferred to the Irish technical wholesaler and retailer. Find out more here: press release

Isojoen Konehalli Oy in 2021

  • approx. 260 employees, approx. 150 employees in our own IKH stores.
  • turnover 131 million €
  • premises 52 000 m², warehouse volume 42 000 m³
  • approximately 57 000 titles
  • 57 000 pallet places in the warehouse
  • 2,6 million lines collected and 81 000 deliveries per year
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