IKH dealer network

IKH is primarily known for its expertise in services. You can recognize the special skills and selection of our dealers by the IKH Tools or IKH Spare Part logo. The IKH logo helps our customers to find the services and the internationally renowned products of our chain. The dealers of the sales chain are private outlets run by entrepreneurs.

IKH Tools

The leading idea of IKH Tools dealer network is to offer expert service to both professionals and consumers. Their extensive selection includes hand and electric tools, wood working and metal working machines, welding and compressed air equipment, pressure washers, hoists, binding and fastening equipment, work clothing and protective gear.

Reliable brands, quality and customer-oriented service as well as a comprehensive service network along with the periodic direct marketing magazine are the basis of growth of IKH Tools chain. IKH Extra and Kuvasto are customer magazines of IKH Tools.

IKH Spare parts

IKH Spare parts is a dealer network specialized in serving agricultural entrepreneurs and machine contractors; their products are tractor spare parts, accessories and consumable parts of agricultural machinery. We have spare parts for more than 2000 tractor models.

Most brands are internationally recognized products of manufacturer installation grade. The extent of the selection together with expert service have turned the IKH Spare parts chain into one of the major sellers of tractor spare parts and accessories in Finland. Kone- ja Traktorimiehen Uutiset and UrakointiExtra are the customer magazines of IKH Spare parts.

IKH Tools and Spare parts

Dealers selling both product groups can be recognized by the logo IKH Tools and Spare parts. These combination dealers are experts in serving you in your need for tools, tractor spare parts and accessories.

Agricultural tyres

Kleber, Petlas, Deestone and Seha as well as ProMotion and Levypyörä are among the brands represented by IKH. Retail of tyres and rims is done through independent tyre dealers all over Finland.

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