Warranty for tractor spare parts

Isojoen Konehalli Oy (IKH) grants a warranty of two (2) years or 1,500 hours, whichever occurs first, on the conditions defined below. The warranty applies to product categories that are marked as having a valid two-year spare parts warranty at the time of purchase. Check the validity at ikh.fi or from your IKH retailers. This warranty policy came into effect on 1 March 2015. You can get the receipt of purchase that serves as the warranty certificate from your IKH retailer.

Under the warranty, IKH pledges:

  • To repair, replace or indemnify at its own discretion any spare parts found to have fundamental manufacturing or material defects that are fundamental in terms of usage
  • To reimburse the costs incurred for warranty repair or exchange according to repair shop invoices, taking into account the customer deductible, if any. The warranty claim will be rejected if the repair shop invoices are not attached to the IKH warranty claim application. The repair shop invoices should indicate both the vehicle’s number of hours at the time of installation as well as the number of hours at the time of the warranty replacement
  • The warranty claim application should have the following documents attached: The IKH warranty claim form, the receipt of purchase for the spare part bought by the customer, a copy of the invoice from an authorised garage and the invoice for warranty product installation, if any.

Please note that this warranty does not apply to IKH accessories or any parts contained therein.


The warranty does not cover defects arising from any of the following:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Improper installation
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Additional accessory or program installed
  • Changes made to the tractor’s technical features
  • Use or transport that is contrary to the tractor manufacturer’s instructions
  • Changes made to the tractor’s technical features
  • Use in competitions
  • Carbon build-up, rusting, corrosion or dirt
  • Other external factors

If the terms of the warranty of two (2) years mentioned above are not fulfilled, the terms of the IKH general spare parts warranty will apply.

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