Complaints and warranty


If you have any complaints concerning the product, please contact the store where you purchased it.


  1. The warranty applies to any material or manufacturing defects found in the product during the warranty period. The warranty period is stated on the website in connection with the products.

  2. During the warranty period, the seller is obligated to, at its discretion, repair, replace or refund any product, which is found to have material or manufacturing defects that significantly compromise the usability of the product. Replacement of a product or part during the warranty period does not extend the original warranty period. Under the terms of this warranty, any product found to be defective during the warranty period shall be repaired during normal business hours by the seller’s own repair service or a repair service authorised by the seller.

  3. Defects caused by the following are not covered by this warranty:

    • normal wear
    • failure to properly maintain the product
    • faulty installation
    • improper or careless use
    • use in violation of manufacturer recommendations
    • water damage
    • improper storage
    • other external factors that have an adverse impact on the product
    • competitive use
    • this warranty does not cover any indirect repair or other costs incurred by a damaged part

  4. The product seller shall fill out the product warranty claim, entering the following customer information:

    • the date the defect was found
    • a brief description of the defect and how it presented itself
    • warranty certificate or purchase receipt
    • name of person, who will provide additional information, if necessary

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