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  • Basic Gear Utto 10W-30
  • Viima Basic Gear Utto 10W-30 is high quality tractor and off-road machinery multipurpose utto- type oil, which is developed to be used in transmissions, hydraulic systems, oil immersed brakes and other ancillary systems fitted in tractors and off- road machinery
  • basic gear utto is manufactured from selected high quality mineral base oils and advanced additives, which protect machinery equipment wearing under severe conditions

Typical applications:

  • heavy duty transmissions, hydraulic systems , “wet “ brakes, ptos and hydrostatic drives in tractors and off-road machines
  • transmissions when API GL-4 required ( except hypoid gears)
  • note! not to be used as an engine oil or in automatic transmission ( passenger cars)


  • high viscosity index ja improved shear stability
  • good friction properties to ensure optimal working for clutches and ptos
  • ensures also optimum performance of oil immersed brakes, while minimising brake noise as well
  • good low temperature properties. affective lubrication in ambient temperatures
  • excellent anti-wear and extreme pressures properties
  • good protection against rust, corrosion and metal etching
  • good filterability which keeps system clean and ensures smooth operation

Typical characteristics:

  • SAE (J 300): 10W-30
  • kinematic viscosity 40°C, mm2/s: 59,00
  • kinematic viscosity 100°C, mm2/s: 10,10
  • viscosity index: 161
  • density 15°C, kg/m3: 0,887
  • flash point: +225°C
  • pour point: -35°C

Meets requirements:

  • API GL-4
  • Ford M2C134-D, CNH MAT 3525
  • John Deere J20C
  • Massey Ferguson M1135/M1141/M1143/M1145
  • Volvo WB 101
  • Allison C4
  • Cat TO-2
  • ZF TE-ML 03E/05F/06K
  • NH 410B
  • Case MS1205/MS1206/MS1207
  • suitable for use when the requirement is: Valtra G2-08, API GL-4
More Information
Spare part type Oils and fluids
Package length (cm) 58
Package width (cm) 58
Package height (cm) 88
Gross weight (kg) 200.000000
EAN 6418914880269


Valmet / Valtra

Valmet 305 Valmet 355 Valmet 365 Valmet 405 Valmet 455 Valmet 465 Valmet 500 Valmet 502 Valmet 505 Valmet 555 Valmet 565 (1993-1997) Valmet 602 Valmet 605 Valmet 655 Valmet 665 Valmet 702 Valmet 703 Valmet 705 Valmet 755 Valmet 802 Valmet 803 Valmet 805 Valmet 855 Valmet 865 Valmet 903 Valmet 905 Valmet Valtra 600 Valmet Valtra 6000 Valmet Valtra 6100 Valmet Valtra 6200 Valmet Valtra 6250 HI Valmet Valtra 6300 Valmet Valtra 6350 HI Valmet Valtra 6400 Valmet Valtra 6550 HI Valmet Valtra 6600 Valmet Valtra 6650 HI Valmet Valtra 6750 Valmet Valtra 6800 Valmet Valtra 6850 HI Valmet Valtra 700 Valmet Valtra 800 Valmet Valtra 8000 Valmet Valtra 8050 Valmet Valtra 8050 HI Valmet Valtra 8100 Valmet Valtra 8150 Valmet Valtra 8150 HI Valmet Valtra 8200 Valmet Valtra 8300 Valmet Valtra 8350 HI Valmet Valtra 8400 Valmet Valtra 8450 Valmet Valtra 8450 HI Valmet Valtra 8550 Valmet Valtra 8550 HI Valmet Valtra 8600 Valmet Valtra 8750 Valmet Valtra 8950 HI Valmet Valtra 900 Valtra A65 Valtra A72 Valtra A75 Valtra A75N Valtra A82 Valtra A83 Valtra A85 Valtra A85N Valtra A92 Valtra A93 Valtra A95 Valtra A95N Valtra N101 Valtra N103 HiTech Valtra N103.4 HiTech Valtra N104 Valtra N111 Valtra N111e Valtra N113 HiTech 5 Valtra N114e Valtra N121 Valtra N122 Direct Valtra N122 Versu Valtra N123 Direct Valtra N123 HiTech 5 Valtra N123 Versu Valtra N124 Valtra N134 Valtra N141 Valtra N142 Direct Valtra N142 Versu Valtra N143 Direct Valtra N143 HiTech Valtra N143 Versu Valtra N154e Valtra N163 Direct Valtra N163 Versu Valtra N174 Valtra N82 HiTech Valtra N91 Valtra N92 Valtra N93 HiTech Valtra N93 HiTech 5 Valtra X100 Valtra X110 Valtra X120
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