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Product warranty 36 months
  • Noco Genius® 2x4 smart battery charger and battery maintainer, possible to charge four batteries at the same time
  • voltage 110-240 V
  • power max. 30 W
  • charging current 2 A 12 V / 2 A 6 V
  • battery capacity max. 40 Ah, maintains all battery sizes
  • modes 6 V, 12 V, 12 V AGM, 12 V Lithium
  • low-voltage detection 1 V (Force mode for dead batteries)
  • reverse polarity and overheating protection
  • memory function: case of power failure battery charger use a car battery as a back-up power source (to preserve charging memory) and continue to charge the battery from interrupted phase when the power is restored
  • operating temperature -20...+40 °C
  • protection class IP65
  • size 144.8 x 238.8 x 58.4 mm
  • weight 1.77 g


  • Noco Genius® 2 charger, interchangeable charging cables with clamps/eyelets, mounting bracket with strap, user guide

Noco Genius® chargers:

  • the new Genius® series is one of Noco's most efficient, high-performance, energy-efficient and compact chargers yet
  • Genius is a 6 and 12 volt battery charger and battery maintainer suitable for all types of batteries including GEL, AGM and maintenance-free batteries as well as lithium-ion batteries

Why Noco Genius®?:

  • 8-stage fully automatic, worry-free battery charger for year-round use
  • integrated thermal sensor in the cable detects the ambient temperature and alters the charge to eliminate over-charging in hot climates and under-charging in cold climates
  • charges dead batteries as low as 1-volt (Force Mode allows to charge dead batteries down to 0 V)
  • detects sulfation and restore damaged batteries
  • charge lead, GEL, AGM and maintenance-free as well as lithium-ion batteries
  • compatible with all types of vehicles: cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, ATVs, tractors, trucks, SUVs, boats, classic cars, snowmobiles, also with CANBUS system and much more
  • Noco Genius® is one of the most advanced and safest battery maintainer series on the market
  • G15000 and G26000 charge 12 V / 24 V
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Package length (cm) 25.8
Package width (cm) 28.5
Package height (cm) 15.5
Gross weight (kg) 3.981000
EAN 1210000619433
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